Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year Update!

Happy New Year!!!!! 

Exciting times here at Aero.  Here's the brief rundown on what we've been up to— it's not the same ol' stuff. From comedy to big visuals, to VFX to simple storytelling. No project is too small (or too big.) We're big believers in trying to do entire productions under one roof, but usually that means you need a B team for post, which doesn't work. So we brought in the best post production teams— that we've always loved working with— to be our partners. 

For edit, we brought in ALEX HAGON and JONO GRIFFITH and all the editor's at Circus to act as our "in house" editors. They are a separate company and work independently from Aero, but for jobs with our directors, we have a lot of play with the bottom line. 

Same with our VFX partner, Parachute. PARACHUTE  is a stand alone company that can take on any CGI/Animation/Visual Effects project from end tags to fully CGI spots. But again, in conjunction with Aero directors, we can share budgets and make sure your project has the best people possible for the job. Having this network of partners makes everyone fully invested in the project, as they're working with their friends and want to make sure everyone is supported and will go that extra mile. It's never a mandate, but it's a great option if you need it. 

Onto directors!

JASON FARRAND has a completely new comedy reel. Mixing his improv skills with great art direction (think Wes Anderson). 

JAMES MANGOLD: He's finished with The Wolverine and available for commercials! We're incredibly proud of the production value on CALL OF DUTY that we shot in conduction with 72andSunny and edited with JONO GRIFFITH of our edit partner Circus. Crazy schedule but great creative. Jim went on to shoot a campaign for RAM with The Richards Group and is gearing up for another production out of Detroit. 

KLAUS OBERMEYER: He's gone back to his documentary/mountain man snow roots with this amazing on-line documentary campaign for Wild Turkey. Words can't describe the films so you have to check it out. He also polished his storytelling chops with this tear jerker for Wells Fargo. He worked with Parachute for the VFX and there's an awesome making of here

SAM O'HARE: Apart from being the creative director of Parachute and working with Klaus on set for Wells Fargo, Sam has gone back to Alaska for the new campaign for Alaska Communications. He's also been honing his architectural background in designing the new office in NY. Construction ends soon, and we'll share the photos!

DAN GIFFORD: It's a good sign when your first car spot makes the front page of the Top Gear website, and that's exactly what Dan's spot for McLaren did. Dan's storytelling and cinematography is very distinct. If you don't know his work, you have to check it out. Huge rising star.

More to come on Ken Arlidge, Peter Lydon, Austin Smithard, Andy Lambert, Indrani, Sue Worthy and Yann Secouet! You can check out their new reels at our website

Here's to a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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