Friday, October 11, 2013

Klaus Obermeyer in Alaska

Aéro Film has been to Alaska quite a few times. Sam O'Hare shot the Alaska Communications campaign last year (and this year... stay tuned). Klaus Obermeyer has shot there for many years with Warren Miller films, Chevy Silverado, and just went back for a project that will remain nameless for the moment. (I'm all about suspense today...) 

It's no mystery why Klaus keeps going back-- it's one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, and right now, one of the best places to shoot snow. 

 The Aéro jet and Daniel Zatz helicopter with Cineflex system.

Klaus in the glaciers of Valdez in his Obermeyer jacket. 

 I mean, come on. 

 Klaus, back to his roots, filming pro skiers.

Gorgeous. And the mountains are nice, too. 

Thanks to Mark Reid for capturing these photos. See you on the mountains!


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