Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Indrani directs latest video with David Bowie for "Valentine's Day"

Aero Film director, Indrani, has continued her long standing relationship with David Bowie, moving from the still image to video. She and her photography partner Markus Klinko and creative director/stylist GK Reid have crafted icon images such as...


For Bowie's latest album The Next Day, he chose Indrani to direct the VIDEO to his single, Valentine's Day. The video is a simple performance piece of the rock legend. The NPR Blog put it perfectly, "The latest in a series of videos for David Bowie's album The Next Day isn't a big budget spectacle, but it is thrilling and intense. The video, for the song Valentine's Day, places Bowie in some sort of industrial, concrete warehouse with just his guitar. But Bowie's penetrating gaze and gritty delivery turns an otherwise benign performance into a chilling scene."  

Indrani explains, "David's done sensationalist videos with big stars, so with this song about a mall mass murderer, David wanted subtlety. Instead of exploiting the massacre, I channeled the inner turmoil of this complex character's troubled state of mind, and focused on bringing out Bowie's most powerful performance."

Indrani and David

The video was cut by the brilliant Gary Knight of Cut & Run in NY. 

Full Credits:
Production Design: GK Reid
Executive Producers: Indrani, GK Reid, Markus Klinko, Double Exposure Studios
Producer: Jonathan Lia, Good Company
Editor: Gary Knight, Cut & Run
Finishing: The Mill and Double Exposure Studios
Color: Double Exposure Studios


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