Friday, August 3, 2012

Sam O'Hare Tilt-Shifts Alaska

When Alaska was purchased it was jokingly called, "Seward’s Folly." Well, I’m sure if William H. Seward was alive today he would say, “Folly? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Have you even seen my Instagram posts?!”  Yes, Alaska is possibly one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and I see no reason why Mr. Seward wouldn’t have been posting vista after vista in between snaps of “I’m totally eating this amazing plate of sockeye salmon with frissé salad right now!”

@sewardsfolly1867: "Best purchase ever. JEAH!'
Sam O’Hare just returned from shooting in Alaska with the agency Vitro for Alaska Communications. Not only was he thrilled to be working with a great agency, but getting to go to Alaska was a dream. (Especially when it’s 103 degrees with 99% humidity in NY…) 

The first spot in the campaign launched Wednesday and the visuals speak for themselves. You can view the 60 second commercial HERE.

Much of it was shot from a helicopter- a technique he’d been anxious to try out for his tilt-shift style work. It also proved to be a handy tool in getting around the islands and fjords that make up a lot of the area around Anchorage and Juneau where the production was based. 


As well as directing and shooting the spot, Sam edited the spot at Aero Studios in NY. He and his team (Andy Gilbert, Jesse Holmes, John McLoughlin and Hannelore Williams) applied the post VFX work to make the tilt-shift miniature look come to life. Being able to be a one stop shop for live-action through post is what made this job do-able. With a tight turnaround, being able to coordinate the shoot with post together to make everything move like clockwork was imperative. 

During the next heatwave, Sam is seeking out boards for Antarctica. I kid! Well, maybe not actually...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Indrani Takes La Jolla Fashion Film Festival by Storm!

Please note that when I say, "by storm," I am not referring to the derecho that swept thru the east coast last week.  I'm talking about how at this year's La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Aero director Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, swept 4 of the 8 award categories including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Fashion, and Best Special Effects for her short film, The Legend of Lady White Snake!
Indrani... and her 4 awards, including a Red Epic Camera!
The the film is a post-postmodern fable, inspired by China's beloved ancient romance /horror story, starring the Honorable Daphne Guinness as a snake demoness who has transformed herself into an enchanting maiden, in order to experience love. The story of The Legend of Lady White Snake includes the poem, "The Hidden Chamber" © 2005 by Neil Gaiman (Academy Award nominated Coraline) with the screenplay by Indrani.
You can watch the trailer HERE.
The Legend of Lady White Snake was produced along with Indrani, Markus Klinko, and GK Reid. GK Reid also served as the art director and costume designer. DP for the shoot was Pergrin Jung, with post production by Manic, Jump, Company 3, Color and Double Exposure Studios. The film was shot in New York and features dramatic imagery, mystical elements and stunning fashion pieces. 

GK Reid, Indrani and Pergrin Jung
Indrani also earned the RED Camera Award which awarded her with a brand new Red Epic Camera, which was given to her at the Awards Ceremony by RED Camera representative, Brent Carter. RED was one of the major sponsors of the Festival.
The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is the worlds larger fashion film award. 75 films were screened, placing Indrani's work in competition with the top 1% of fashion films.  Other directors in the festival include Bruno Aveillan, Jonas Akerlund, Rankin, Karl Lagerfeld, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Bruce Weber, etc. with multi-million dollar commercials for Cartier, Chanel, and Rodarte starring Elle Fanning.

Indrani is thrilled with the success of The Legend of Lady White Snake, saying, "I was very honored that my first short film won so many awards, among all the amazing commercials and films selected… The film was a self-financed labor of love, produced by Markus Klinko, GK Reid, Daphne Guinness and myself, including poetry by Neil Gaiman, editing by Terence Ziegler of Jump, special effects by Manic and Double Exposure, color by Company 3, audio mix by Color NY, and production design and fashion by GK Reid for Genghis Khan."

Daphne Guinness as Lady White Snake
We at Aero want to thank everyone who donated their time and efforts who made this film a success (Manic, Jump, Company 3, Color). The film will continue to make its rounds in the festival circuit while Indrani works on additional commercial endeavors and new film ideas.


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