Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Medieval Times!

What happens when Game of Thrones and the Renaissance Faire have a mash-up? Throw in a few chicken legs and a grog of beer, and you have… Medieval Times! (Insert trumpet blasts here.) Aero teamed up with Concussion out of Fort Worth to bring this dinner theatre and tournament to the big (or littlish) screen.

"360 production" seems to be a new buzz phrase that people like to toss around, and we here at Aero aren’t tossers. (Wait… that came out wrong…) When we say we have a production pipeline to do it all, we can back it up. That’s exactly what we did with Medieval Times. 

 Austin Smithard was the director and editor with Sam O’Hare of Aero Studios overseeing the VFX. The music was composed by Aero friend, Nick Wood of Syn in Japan. From having the creative all under one umbrella, we were able to stretch the budget within an inch of its life and create a piece with impeccable production value… as well as a director on top of every layer of detail and storytelling from day 1 to shipping. Austin’s vision for this spot was way out of the scope of what the agency and client thought was possible for their budget and timing…. But we did it! And we’re all really thrilled with the final piece. 

Click HERE to view!

The spot was shot at the Medieval Times Castle in Anaheim CA. 90% the backgrounds were created in CG, as well as the snow and mist. Many scenes were layers of composited elements shot on green screen. 

To see how these still started out, click HERE to view the side by side of what was shot compared to the final spot.  And WATCH some of the more complex scenes broken down step by step.

Austin and Sam were a natural team. The key to having Aero Studios work under the Aero Film umbrella is that we can pair up the VFX team with any director. So if the board is comedy with VFX, Jason Farrand or Gary McKendry pair up with Sam. If it’s grand visual storytelling with a lot of action scenes, Klaus Obermeyer and Sam get together… We can mix and match to create the best team for the job… on either coast. No fighting egos. No battles for budgets… which is good because as you can see we’ve become rather adept at jousting.


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