Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Austin Smithard's Film "Sea to Shining Sea" Premieres October 13th

"Like dogs, bicycles are social catalysts
that attract a superior category of people."
--Chip Brown
I remember learning to ride a bike. My grandfather taught me on the sidewalks of a small town in upstate New York. When he let go and I could sail down the street on my own, I felt free. I felt like I was doing something important and had suddenly become independent for the first time in my young life (even if it was for just a whole block). So when I saw Austin Smithard's finished documentary, Sea to Shining Sea, I was overcome.

For Sea to Shining Sea Austin and his Canon 5D got on the back of a bike and followed 18 vets in 2010 as they pedaled 4000 miles across the United States, starting in San Francisco and ending in Virginia Beach. All of these vets suffered from disabilities that ranged from lost limbs to PTSD. Austin started the project thinking that he’d follow in a van, but quickly learned that the only way to capture this story was to be in the thick of it. For many of them, this was the hardest thing they've done and the most rewarding.

Their story will be premiering at southern California's Inland Empire Biking Film Fest, Saturday October 13th at 6pm, with a second showing Sunday, October 14th at 3pm. You can buy tickets here and see the trailer below.

Austin has become an inspiration to us all but especially with an elite crew at Aero LA who have taken up biking quite seriously! You can now see our team biking through LA together, complete with team shirts! (At Aero we believe in great art direction at all times…)

Team Aero! Lance O'Connor, Austin Smithard & Patrick Knight
So please take a few minutes to watch Austin's trailer and head out to the Redland's to support such a great project!

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