Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aero News Desk

Holy smokes, it's been ages. Hi, there. How are you? You're good? I'm glad to hear it! How am I doing? Oh, I'm so glad you asked. I'll tell you in a word-- BUSY!

First up, we just found out that Sam O'Hare's short film, Coachelletta, has been shortlisted in the Vimeo Festival + Awards!  The category its shortlisted in, Lyrical, was curated by judges Philip Bloom, Maria Popova (@Brainpicker), and VP of Creative Development at Vimeo, Blake Whitman.  The winner of each category wins a $5000 grant and the grand prize is a $25,000 grant to produce new work.

And now the voting is now open to the general public!  Wooo!  That's where you can get in on the action.  Go HERE and click on Coachelletta to vote.  You'll need a Vimeo username/ passcode to vote, and you can vote once a day.  Check out the other categories too as there is so much good work in every category. Thank you to Vimeo for giving directors a showcase for their passion projects!

And now the things that are keeping our lives very, very busy....
  • Ken Arlidge just shot a campaign for Chase with McGarry Bowen
  • Indrani has returned from India where she shot a film for Strawberry Frog
  • Klaus Obermeyer and Austin Smithard just returned from Australia and Tahiti for Outback Steakhouse
  • Sam O'Hare just finished a promo for Syfy Channel
  • Jason Farrand just finished a promo for the NBC/Ford tie-in show, Escape Routes
Stay tuned for all this new work as soon as it hits the air, it'll be on the blog!

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