Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Sea to Shining Sea" is Complete!

Last summer we posted a blog about Austin Smithard's documentary, Sea To Shining Sea.  To summarize, Austin  hopped on a bike and followed 18 disabled veterans as they cycled 4000 miles over 63 days across the US.  4000 miles.  That number still boggles my mind.  He shot this doc on his Canon 5D, strapped to his back the entire ride.

We're happy to report that the film is now complete!  Please take a minute and watch the trailer HERE.   It really is a heartwarming and inspirational film. Many of the riders on this journey were at death's door, barely surviving rocket attacks, helicopter crashes and IED explosions.  Some even had last rites performed, so the fact that they were able to recover from their injuries and cycle 4000 miles... it's simply astounding.

It should be noted that this experience had an effect on Austin and many of us at Aero.  Austin is still actively cycling (even he hadn't been on a bike in over 20 years before shooting this documentary!) and he has even inspired other Aero directors to get bikes and start training for the Fireflies Ride from San Francisco to LA next year. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Austin Smithard Films the Bruins

This weekend held a bevy of football.  Every day equaled two constants:  Turkey and football.  And now we're back at work and it's Tuesday.  There's never a game on Tuesday!  So to help fill the gap until the next game, please take a look at Aero director, Austin Smithard's, latest venture onto the field!

Austin Smithard, was given access to UCLA's football field, team and coach, Rick Neuheisel, to make an inspirational short. Whether or not you are a football fan (or even if you're a USC fan), this is short worth watching.  Coach Neuheisel has many quotable lines, my favorite being: "Tough times don't last, tough people do."  Well said.

Austin's work was recently featured on UCLA's athletics website which you can read HERE.

Okay, I'm off to eat my 37th turkey sandwich and anticipate this weekend's games only a few short days away!  (A day without football counts as a tough time, right?)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fog & Smog for Hyundai

This is indeed a post about Hyundai, but first, we must visit Whole Foods.  (Stick with me, it makes sense.) 

If you're on the Facebook, you are no stranger to Fog & Smog, a hip hop group that recorded the song, "Whole Foods Parking Lot."  If you have ever been to a Whole Foods you will relate to this song.  A lot.

And now we arrive at the Hyundai portion of the post!

One of Hyundai's holiday spots this year features Fog & Smog, back in the driver's seat, cruising around a parking lot in their Hyundai, spitting lyrics to a dope beat. (I'm sorry. I used to watch "Yo MTV Raps" and thought I got hip.)

Please enjoy a little early holiday cheer brought to you by Fog & Smog for Hyundai, directed by Jason Farrand.


Client: Hyundai Motor America
Agency: Innocean
Editorial Company: Hybrid
Editor: Christopher Willoughby
Executive Producer: Gail Butler


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