Friday, April 15, 2011

"The Sandpit" is Nominated for 2 Webbys!

Well touché. I had a good Monday, and I told Tuesday “to bring it” and it was broughten. Brought. Brung? Bringed? Whatever! It was achieved.

On Tuesday we got the great news that Sam O'Hare's short film, The Sandpit has been nominated for a Webby both in the Viral and Music categories. 

We're just over the moon with this nomination! The internet is becoming the new movie theatre of our generation (which is great as my floor at home is much less sticky). But with over 10,000 entries from all 50 states and 60 countries, we’re honored to have been nominated to the internet’s most prestigious award. (And so glad that Honey Badger didn’t steal our thunder.)

Sam shot, edited, and did all of the post visual effects on this labor of love. The music was written and composed by Human Music and their magical work was a big part of what helped propel this film to viral status. There have been over 2.7 million views between Vimeo and You Tube, and it’s the 4th most liked video of all time on Vimeo.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

There are 2 awards given in each category—one to the Jury’s choice and one to the People’s Voice. This is where we need our Aero friends to get your clicking fingers ready and VOTE. And spread the word! It’s super easy and you can log in through Facebook or Twitter.
So this begs the question: What do you have for me, Mr. Next Week? Maybe I’ll quit while I’m ahead…

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kids Interact With "The Sandpit"!

Ah, Monday. Here again reminding us the weekend is over. Thanks. But, Monday has been pretty great so far. I got an email this AM that made my week.  (Sure it's early, but the bar has been set fairly high.)

As you know, we have been so overwhelmed and thrilled by everyone's reaction to Aero director, Sam O'Hare's film, The Sandpit.  We’ve gotten many requests for using the film, and a while ago, we were contacted by a company called 4d Creative in England. 4d Creative designs and installs “immersive learning spaces” in schools for children. In layman's terms, they create rooms that let kids “walk through a desert” or “float in space” via video projection on the walls. These rooms stimulate kids' creative juices and help them understand what it's like to live in other parts of the world.

Kids tour "Egypt" in the comfort of their own school!
Nick Horrell, Creative Development Director of 4d Creative, contacted us an asked if he could use The Sandpit in one of the new spaces they were designing. Sounded like a very cool thing, and hey it’s for the kids, so Sam agreed and off went the film. We had forgotten about this until today’s email thanking us for the film and showing us photos of the students interacting with New York City through the film-- from exploring jobs around the city to waiting for a bus, even mimicking the actions of the diggers.

A student in England recreates a scene from "The Sandpit"
via 4d Creative's interactive studio at his school.
I can't help but be a little jealous of these kids' experience in school (as all I had growing up was a clunky Franklin PC that made duck sounds when saving data on a floppy disc), but I am excited for my own child knowing what kind of learning environments are popping up! Also, this is something none of us ever expected from The Sandpit. It's exciting to know that this film entertains and educates.

Please make sure to check out 4d Creative's site and explore all they can do. It's absolutely amazing and inspiring.

Okay, Tuesday, the bar's been set, BRING IT.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Body of Proof Wins the Night!

Hello!  I have a hot minute to blog before jumping on a call and eating my weight in Cadbury eggs. (Eggs are protein, right?)

Anyhoo... Usually when I read the  trade magazines, I want to rip my hair out.  The petty drivel about terrible movies and stupid reality shows gets to me... but alas! This Wednesday, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter made me smile and do a slightly dorky fist pump (it was a natural reaction, but dorky nonetheless). Nelson McCormick, a specialized directorial talent on our roster at Aero, directed the season premiere of ABC's Body of Proof with Dana Delaney and it won the night.  Congrats, Nelson!

The show is about Dr. Hunt played by Dana Delaney, who is a top neurosurgeon.  But a horrible car accident ends her career as a neurosurgeon, so she becomes a medical examiner and changes her focus from helping the living to helping the dead.  Heavy material, but my oh my who doesn't love a good mystery solved by a kick-ass leading lady with the right amount of snark?

Body of Proof  beat out The Good Wife and Parenthood in the ratings.  Although it should be noted that Nelson has has directed a few episodes of The Good Wife, but thankfully his episodes weren't up against each other. Which would have been something, as I've always wanted to know how Peyton and Eli Manning's parents feel on Sundays.

Nelson gives direction on set.

"You, be less dead."

"This never ends well for you."

The show can be viewed online and airs again on Sunday at 10pm with its regular viewing Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

Okay, my hot minute is up and I'm dialing in to the conference line again... ooo, hold music. Another thing that makes me want to pull my hair out.  (Who thought it was a good idea to make an instrumental version of Wham's Careless Whisper on an oboe?)


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