Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Aero!

A very merry and happy holidays to all!  Please enjoy our virtual holiday card, resplendent with festive music and special ornaments! Click to view in English and here to view in German!
So why is a version of the card in German, you may be asking?  That is because our  Munich office is opening in early 2012... Stay tuned!!

You may also be wondering where you can get your own ornament of a helicopter with a Klaus Cam attached to the bottom or of our festive logo?  Believe me, I wish they were real, but alas they are CGI and were created in house by Sam O'Hare and the team at Aero Studios.

Oh!  One last thing! Remember our blog about Cineskates?  Well, we shot our holiday video (the tree) on the set of Cineskates we were given.  Thanks guys!  We loved using them and will use them again!
Happy holidas,have a great break, and here's to a very happy 2012.  Thanks to all our readers for a great year. Lots to be thankful for, thanks for reading the blog. And remember, cookies don’t count towards calories so eat a bunch.  No seriously, it's fine.

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