Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Gayle We Trust!

Aero director, Jason Farrand, is no stranger to directing branded comedy, having done two webseries (webserieses? webseri?) in the past for Hewlett-Packard. His latest feat in branded entertainment comes in the form of a 10-episode webseries for NBC, In Gayle We Trust, in part with Mindshare Entertainment and American Family Insurance.

The webseries follows American Family Insurance agent, Gayle, in her town of Maple Grove. This season Gayle becomes a producer and star of a musical spectacular called Polices! Policies! The series is comprised of a great cast, including the lovely Elisa Donovan reprising her role as Gayle and Fred Willard as a guest star in the first episode!

If you liked Waiting for Guffman you will LOVE this season of In Gayle We Trust. The antics and comedy are tight. And in short webisode lengths, perfect to watch while taking a break at work. (Unless you work here, we never take breaks! We work in our sleep!)

Click HERE to watch – ENJOY! 

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