Friday, July 15, 2011

Watch Out Snooki, Here's the Hipster Shore

Aero director, Jason Farrand, a well known humanitarian, reached out to the world with sketch group Family Sandwich to create this PSA titled: 4th of July Message From the Hipster Shore.

Fixed gear bikes have always been a danger. Best we know about the wide reaching effects now. The line that I'm still giggling at: “That was VINTAGE. She can never get that back.” Tee hee! Anyhoooo, this video was on the front page of Funny or Die the entire holiday weekend, which is a formidable achievement since most featured videos are made by the Funny or Die staff. Congrats to Jason and Family Sandwich!

In other good (and funny) news, Jason will be directing the entire 3rd season of American Family Insurance's comedy webseries, In Gayle We Trust, in conjunction with NBC Digital Studios. The show stars Elisa Donovan from “Clueless” as Gayle and Gary Anthony Williams from “Weeds” and “Boston Legal” fame. The show is about a hard working insurance agent, Gayle, taking care of the people in her small town, and like any good comedy, the people she encounters are not your average insurance customers. Their requests are extreme to say the least and Gayle has to figure out a way to keep everyone happy while handling the choas going on around her. We'll post the episodes when they are up!

Also, you can find Jason's show, Head Casestarring Alexandra Wentworth on Monday nights at 9:30pm on Starz as well as Netflix streaming. If you haven't seen this series, and you enjoy improvised shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, pull up a chair and enjoy!  (See the trailer HERE.)

Guest stars on the show are well known actors, playing themselves and getting therapy from Dr. Elizabeth Goode, played by Wentworth. A sampling of stars that have appeared on the show are comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Janeane Garofalo, Jerry Stiller and Larry Miller; as well as pop culture stars such as Macy Gray, Tori Spelling and lead actors from big name shows like Desperate Housewives and Heroes. What really makes Head Case interesting for the guest stars is that the dialogue of the show is completely improvised. So the guests stars show up to set and have no idea what's going to happen. It's like “extreme acting” when they have to “play themselves.” (Not with themselves… very very different.)

Stay tuned for most posts from us! We've been quite busy and will share soon!

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