Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Austin Smithard's "Battle of Waterloo"

When I think of England, I immediately think of fine dining. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, I’m such a kidder! But well, maybe I need to eat some crow (with Bovril?) on this one…

Austin Smithard, Aero director, is of English upbringing (and his teeth are nice, actually, thanks for asking). He recently met Chef Brendan Collins through mutual friends and after chatting for 10 minutes, they realized they both grew up in Nottingham and their grandfathers worked in the coal mines together. So the next logical step was that Austin should shoot a commercial and short documentary about Brendan’s new Gastropub, Waterloo & City in Culver City, CA.

Chef Brendan Collins

Waterloo & City's kitchen in action

2 nights and one Canon 5D, Austin shot a short documentary and the commercial. Now keep in mind that Austin has been in the trenches with Marines and has shot a documentary driving across the country on a bike… but he said nothing prepared him for how fast paced a kitchen is. (Or their hats...)

"Waterloo & City" is named after the London tube stop where Brendan started his culinary career, this new restaurant is his labor of love. He wanted to create a neighborhood hangout where you can enjoy a menu that’s sophisticated but that also compliments knocking back a pint or two. There’s a bit more fois gras and truffles than your Nottingham Granny would have used, but your nostalgia for British comfort food will be satisfied, plus your American friends will have a whole new appreciation for the fare.

Austin’s documentary and the commercial cut can be seen HERE. If you’re in Los Angeles/Culver City, stop by Waterloo & City on West Washington Blvd, below Centinela.  

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