Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aero Film on the Small Screen

Set your DVRs folks! I'm very happy to announce that Aero directors, James Mangold  and Nelson McCormick  have both directed winning pilots that got picked in the primetime lineup for this coming fall.

Nelson on set. Directing and such.

Nelson directed the original pilot for Body of Proof starring Dana Delaney on ABC. He continued on to shoot 3 more episodes in its short initial run. After great ratings, this mid-season replacement was picked up for a full season. Nelson also directed several episodes of CBS's legal drama starring Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife.  Both shows have done exceedingly well and were both picked up for next season.  In the past, he has directed episodes of Criminal Minds, Southland, The Closer as well as many, many other shows and movies.

Dana Delaney lookin' pretty good.

James is helming a new show that is being held as a mid-season replacement for CBS.  CBS wanted to stagger its new dramas over the course of the year, so it’ll hit the air in December. (Or earlier if they realize CSI: Topeka isn’t working out… I kid. There’s no CSI: Topeka, but I bet you thought it possible for a few seconds.)

James, looking terribly directorial. 

The 2-2 is a rookie cop drama starring Leelee Sobieski and Adam Goldberg. (PS - “2-2” refers to a precinct in NYC.  I had to look it up.)  One of the executive producers on this project is Robert DeNiro. (Who James directed in Copland, so they go way back.)

We’re happy to announce that no one from Aero Film is connected to Two and a Half Men. (How does that stay on the air!!?!? Come on! Even Capt. Crazypants knew it was bad.)

So, till the season kicks in, the guys are free for commercial work. They welcome the “calm” pacing of commercial work compared to that of TV shows. Granted, if they only shot :30sec a day, those 45min dramas would take a mighty long time….

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