Monday, April 11, 2011

Kids Interact With "The Sandpit"!

Ah, Monday. Here again reminding us the weekend is over. Thanks. But, Monday has been pretty great so far. I got an email this AM that made my week.  (Sure it's early, but the bar has been set fairly high.)

As you know, we have been so overwhelmed and thrilled by everyone's reaction to Aero director, Sam O'Hare's film, The Sandpit.  We’ve gotten many requests for using the film, and a while ago, we were contacted by a company called 4d Creative in England. 4d Creative designs and installs “immersive learning spaces” in schools for children. In layman's terms, they create rooms that let kids “walk through a desert” or “float in space” via video projection on the walls. These rooms stimulate kids' creative juices and help them understand what it's like to live in other parts of the world.

Kids tour "Egypt" in the comfort of their own school!
Nick Horrell, Creative Development Director of 4d Creative, contacted us an asked if he could use The Sandpit in one of the new spaces they were designing. Sounded like a very cool thing, and hey it’s for the kids, so Sam agreed and off went the film. We had forgotten about this until today’s email thanking us for the film and showing us photos of the students interacting with New York City through the film-- from exploring jobs around the city to waiting for a bus, even mimicking the actions of the diggers.

A student in England recreates a scene from "The Sandpit"
via 4d Creative's interactive studio at his school.
I can't help but be a little jealous of these kids' experience in school (as all I had growing up was a clunky Franklin PC that made duck sounds when saving data on a floppy disc), but I am excited for my own child knowing what kind of learning environments are popping up! Also, this is something none of us ever expected from The Sandpit. It's exciting to know that this film entertains and educates.

Please make sure to check out 4d Creative's site and explore all they can do. It's absolutely amazing and inspiring.

Okay, Tuesday, the bar's been set, BRING IT.

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