Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Stay "Connected"

It's funny how people stay “connected.” (Note, the word “connected” is important. Stay with me.)

Aero director, Jason Farrandrecently worked with comedian Sergio Chili  on a commercial for Ford featuring rap singer, Nelly, which you can watch HERE!

(Okay... Now is where the word “connected” comes into play.)

Funny or Die, in association with T-Mobile, has launched the 1st Annual Sketch Comedy Challenge, where groups create a viral video featuring the word “connected.” (I’m guessing it is no coincidence that T-Mobile's tagline is “Stay connected.” I am pretty quick.) Preferably, it needed to be funny, as after all, the site isn’t called Drama or Decapitation. First round of the competition was to submit a script, so they wouldn’t be inundated with crappy sketch videos (again, the site is not called Crappy or Hemlock.) Sergio's sketch group, Cream, was selected to be produced; and being that Sergio is “connected” to Jason, he asked Jason to direct their video. (See, it all comes together!)

They grabbed their Canon 7D’s and shot the “connected” theme video in a week and it was edited in 2 days by the very talented Bob Mori at Jump in LA. That is some fast turnaround, my friends.

So please sit back and enjoy the works of the hilarious group, Cream, directed by Jason Farrand! Make sure to vote as the winner will “get to work with the Funny Or Die team on more internet magic, win cash, prizes and bragging rights of creating the funniest sketch.” Who doesn’t like bragging with a pocket full of cash?!


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