Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We All Work in an Aero Submarine!

Welcome to 2011! I for one am gravely disappointed that personal hovercrafts haven’t made it into the marketplace the way I expected. But alas, I guess I’ll have to be happy with other feats like 3D tv, new all-natural Cheetoes, and… the new Aero Film Sub! (And I don’t mean as in a giant sandwich, which would be great too, actually…)

We have taken over they sky, it’s time for us to take over the sea as well. Actually, I think Klaus is secretly a superhero and he figured Aquaman was overrated he’s now taking over his territory. But… seriously. Klaus has been SCUBA diving and free diving for years and works closely with the non-profit organization, Oceana, so this vessel will take our underwater abilities to a whole new level. And it’s something few if any other production companies can do, being that there are only a few subs in existence in the world.

Officially named the AeroDive submersible, it is a brand-new, self propelled, electric vessel that can carry two occupants in a one atmosphere acrylic cabin to depths of 1500 feet of sea water. (One atmosphere refers to the pressure, and that’s very comfortable.) It’s equipped with two 1080p HD cameras.

One of the cameras is a drone on a 40ft umbilical chord with the ability to easily shoot in tight places that are otherwise inaccessible. The cabin opens as a clamshell and allows for easy entry and exit for the occupants. The sealed cabin is equipped with a full life support system where scrubbers remove the carbon dioxide, oxygen is replenished at a controlled flow while the environment is constantly monitored by various analyzers. Even the most squeamish would be completely comfortable in this vessel… But more importantly, the footage that can be captured, would make Jacques Cousteau proud.

Stay tuned for video from our first dive! 
Until then, happy 2011!

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