Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Truck Of The Blank! (No, it's not a quiz...)

Truck of the Blank.  And no, "blank" doesn’t stand for a bad word!  It happens to stand for a million things that describe the new RAM spot directed by Klaus Obermeyer. This was an incredibly challenging shoot with lots of locations, travel, and every weather system you can think of. Thankfully, this is where Klaus thrives. 

Check out the full spot HERE!

The creative team at the Richards Group took a ton of gorgeous behind the scenes photos, so instead of me yammering on, I’ll let you enjoy the eye candy. As they say, pictures yammer 1,000 words which are far less annoying than my own.  (Okay, I might have a few words to say…)

KlausCam shows up for work.
And yes, it "drives" a helicopter.

Director Klaus Obermeyer.
AKA "The Big Grape."

The creative team is thinking about how their 
next project WILL be in Fiji...

Thankfully, this is not an accident...
nor was it set by the crew to keep warm.

"Yep, definitely next time in Fiji..."
"Or a bigger fire."

"We get hazard pay, right?!"

Setting up the shot...
Safely on the ground.

That's a wrap!
KlausCam is tired and needs its beauty sleep
for the next shoot.  Or so it says.

Ad Agency:

Richards Group/DAL

Art Director:

Dennis Walker


Rob Baker


Jimmy Bonner


Ron Henderson


Ally Tarter



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