Friday, November 12, 2010

Klaus in Tahiti

Its been all work no play for awhile at the Aero Blog, so thought we’d take it easy a bit and show you Klaus’s vacation photos from Ninamu, a tiny island in Tahiti with one of the most amazing surf breaks in the world. 

Klaus is friends with the guys who run the Billabong Pro tournament at Teahupoo, and this is the island that they found and are creating the ultimate surfers paradise here. There’s only one small corner of the island that gets cell reception that’s been named “Bad News Corner.” You get the vibe of the place, I think! 

A post card from Klaus would read something like, “Hello from Tahiti! Today we rigged a gopro hd camera to the spear to capture a very unusual fishing practice on film that is performed by friend BenniB and a handful of Tahitian waterman in which they chase down Mahi Mahi until they are tired and spear them as they near the boat.” 

Hope you’re not a member of PETA, dear readers, but if ever there was “sport” in fishing, it would be if you did it with a spear! 

And in their freetime they went kite surfing and swam with some whales. Yeeaaah. Last vacation I went on was to Sandals in Jamaica. There were no sharks, and that was a selling point. I didn’t need a spear at any time… Nor do I know where I’d find one other than when I discover metallurgy in Civilization. Alas, this is why I produce and blog and Klaus is the filmmaker!

On a work note, Klaus has actually shot quite a few commercials in this area of Tahiti and has perfected his free-diving and underwater shooting techniques here. (Click here to read the blog that explains this in detail.)  He’s got an amazing local crew that are extremely loyal to him. Check out the Oceana PSA (Tahiti was on of the many locals) and the BMW Surfer spot—which was his first time to the area. 

I will continue to hope that in my next life I come back as Klaus Obermeyer... and not as a tired fish.  But until then, back to work.  Happy weekend!


  1. Such warm weather photos look particularly inviting this time of year! Alas, I live in Illinois....

  2. love the pictures the fish are amazing. looks like a good time.



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