Friday, August 13, 2010

Updates from the Aero Film News Desk...

It's been a great week here at Aero Film! Huzzah!

First, Aero director, Klaus Obermeyer, didn't get eaten sharks. I repeat, he was NOT eaten by sharks. (This is actually news in our office.)

You're gonna need a bigger boat, Klaus.”

Second, Klaus' Fruit of the Loom spot got a wonderful shout-out on We loved working on this campaign. It's fresh, it's fun and the Klaus Cam got to go for a ride in the desert. Win/win all around.

Third, Marcus & Indrani's augmented reality shorts for fashion designer Marc Ecko are up and running! 

Print out the glyph, turn on your webcam and watch Marc Ecko's muse, Lindsay Lohan, come to life in the palm of your hand. You can actually interact with her and even record your “conversation” and post it online! (For a bigger explanation of what augmented reality is and how its being used in the media world, check out this article on How Stuff Works.)

Fourth, Klaus sent some amazing photos from Valdez, Alaska where he was shooting a job for Chevy Trucks. Thank goodness it’s sea life that doesn’t have teeth for once…

Aero Director and DP Bill Ahrens gets the award for prettiest fish.

 Shamu’s cousin says, 'Hi.'

 Klaus and his future dinner.

Will all this fit in carry-on luggage?

Phew! That's all from our news desk for today. Check back next week for more updates and to see what nautical sea creature Klaus has decided to poke with a stick. I wish I was kidding....

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