Thursday, August 5, 2010

Updates from the Aero Film News Desk...

Oh my stars, there are a lot of exciting things that have just come across my desk!  Including cookies, squee!  (Hey, a girl's gotta eat.)  But more importantly, Aero director Michael Hartog won a Silver Telly earlier this summer for his Fidelity "Around the World" commercial.  Well yesterday, Mister Postal Worker (or Mrs., or Ms., or Miss... Dr. or Sir... whatever, shut up) finally delivered the goods:


We are really thrilled for Michael's win as he's a hard worker and a Silver Telly is the best kind of "gold star" one can receive!  (Ironically, in the world of Telly, silver is the top honor and gold is second.)  Don't forget to dust it, Michael!

Next up, even though Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, she still has content coming out!  Hopefully you got to see some of her antics on Double Exposure, featuring Aero directing team Markus Klinko and IndraniKlinko and Indrani directed a piece for fashion designer Marc Ecko  around the concept of Lindsay as Marc’s online digital muse for Ecko's Cut & Sew line. The video will be shown on the Cut & Sew website as augmented reality-- which is a very cool new technology. 

You can see the (sliiiiightly erroneous) New York Magazine article here that has all the details about how Lindsay will be used in the campaign.  But let's correct a few errors:  The site that will feature the shorts Lindsay made is NOT coming out today; they will be released on the 10th and THIS is the correct site that will link you there.  (The link in the article does not work.  Honestly, who fact checked that article?  No gold star for you!  Nyah!)  Of course, we'll share them with you when they go live.

So that's it for today.  We’ll have more to announce soon as everyone is coming or going from a new project.  Gold stars all around! Or a cookie... I’ll take a cookie.

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