Friday, August 20, 2010


We are  all big music buffs at Aero Film. Tracks can definitely make or break commercial, and the most beautiful film can be tarnished by a plinky-plunky dud of a musical score. So, we are very grateful to our musical friends who create amazing tracks for our spots!

Shoot Magazine just named their 10 Best Tracks of the year, and 2 of Klaus's spots are on the list!  #5 is Fruit of the Loom "Comfortably" by the Wojahn Brothers. It gets stuck in your head and we seem to hum it around the Aero office, so thank goodness its a great piece or that would get really annoying!  #10 is Klaus's Oceana PSA "Fast", created by Nylon. We've worked with them quite a bit--Ken Arlidge's Kaiser work, as well as other Oceana and Obermeyer Ski Wear spot. They always create something beautiful and are incredibly collaborative.

Want to thank Human music as well, as they just scored Sam O'Hare latest short film which will launch in September. They did an amazing job on The Sandpit, and this new piece is just as poignant for the film. Its a completely different vibe, but just perfect.

Next week we'll feature Aero Aerials. (Say that 5 times fast...)  Have a great weekend!  

UPDATE:  OH MY!  Since posting Klaus' spot for Fruit of the Loom, "Comfortably" has been named Top Spot of the Week by SHOOTonline!

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