Monday, August 2, 2010

I See London, I See France....

When Klaus Obermeyer was devising the idea for the Klaus CamI can say with about 99% certainty he never thought, “This will be great for an underwear spot!” But this latest Fruit of the Loom spot from The Richards Group is not your average undies commercial.   It’s epic.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s hilarious.  And it's running in cinemas starting today!

Watch the full commercial HERE!

If you thought being a Fruit of the Loom band member was a cushie job, think again.  Being able to wear a fruit suit and a leotard in the heat of Death Valley can’t be easy.  But these guys are pros… and this is why Febreze was invented. 

It was an amazing shoot as you can imagine. Here are some highlights!  Thanks to Ron Henderson, from The Richards Group, for his amazing photographs.  

If only all clotheslines had this view, 
doing laundry wouldn't be so bad.

Klaus and Rachelle Wood in Mantan de Oro in Los Osos, CA

FOTL Band: They do their own stunts. 

Gorgeous shot of Rachelle.
There really isn't a "bad" photo of her.

I knew I should have bought stock in clothes pins...

Klaus flying the helicopter.
(Never mind the Band-Aid...)

Klaus Cam at the Dumont Dunes in Baker, CA

When in Rome...

Aero Film excels in client services.

Time to shoot the underpants...

Klaus looking bad-ass.
(Again, never mind that Band-Aid...)

Klaus and his Cam fly off into the sunset.



Rachelle Wood: Female muse
Brandon Quinn: Male pants wearer
Rad Daily: Apple, piano
Wayne Wilderson: Purple Grapes, bass
Richard Horvitz: Green Grapes, guitar
Gene Steichen: Leaves, drums

Agency Creative team:

Creative Directors
Ron Henderson and Dennis Walker

Sheri Cartwright

Post Production:


Jack Waldrip

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