Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet director, Nelson McCormick!

You have probably seen Nelson McCormick’s name  on your TV screen a million times, but unfortunately, when the credits are rolling is usually a cue to go to the bathroom or grab the bag of Doritos. (Nacho… never Cool Ranch…. Sorry TMI.) 

Nelson is one of Aero’s specialty directors who works mainly in television action/drama, but loves to work in the :30 sec world or long format webisodes in TV’s off-season… which is right now! 

He’s directed 24, South Land, The Good Wife,  CSI, Nip/Tuck, NYPD Blue, ER, West Wing… And I could keep going for another 2 pages, but the nice people at IMDB have done that for me! 

ABC has picked up his new show Body of Proof for their fall line up. See the new trailer here!

I’d describe it as the Dr. House of dead people. (I should have worked for TV Guide.) Dana Delaney stars, and may I say she’s a GREAT actress and one who actually let herself age gracefully and beautifully without getting her whole head tucked. Way to go!  

Nelson is available thru the summer and can bring a bevy of talent (both his and the people that surround him, as well his phenomenal casting clout) to your project… And he’s an incredibly nice guy who just happens to shoot explosions, comedy, drama and dead people really well.   


  1. Nelson always directed circles around me, learned a lot from just watching him work.

    Good to see him still in the biz.


  2. Of course, Nelson could get his actors to do anything. Even though I was a director, he once press-ganged me into some stop-action video. He had 6 of us sitting on a hot runway for hours. I suspected it was an elaborate practical joke, but he actually used the footage.


  3. I've worked with Nelson once, on Killing Kennedy. He's a great director and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to play a character in one of his upcoming projects.

  4. love all your work in movies & TV always a nice even flow realistic



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