Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chief to Record Veterans Trek Across the US

Aero’s very own Austin Smithard “Chief” is currently embarking on a most terrific journey.  A fantastic venture called the World Team Sports take veterans who are wounded and place them in sports teams across the world to show that they too can still compete and partake in sports everywhere.

This big media event, the Sea to Shining Sea Ride, started May 21st.  20 wounded veterans will be riding bikes from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia, over 3900 miles, to shake hands and speak with people from middle America.   Covering sometimes over 100 miles a day these men will be utilizing every bicycle possible from the basic 2 wheeler to hand cranked and others that are custom fitted for their needs and abilities.  The people partaking in this journey have been through helicopter crashes, bombs, and other horrendous experiences that have brought them to this place now.  These K9 dog handlers and infantrymen are the bravest people of our nation that represent the very idea that our flag stands for. 

“We together make a lot of commercials and recruitment films for the Navy. So we’ve decided to make a documentary about their story and message and follow them to capture what they encounter.  These people need to be remembered and honored for the heroes and survivors they are,” says Chief.

With GE and State Farm sponsoring the ride for 2 months, Aero is prepared to record all sides of the story.  Though a fairly inspirational tale, the riders will encounter tough times especially on Highway 50, one of the most dangerous roads in the country.  Even then will have the support of 12-15 people cheering them on including members from the Presidential Flight Quadrant.  As a very special end the race will finish on the Indianapolis speedway on the 4th of July where an entire town will greet them.  At the end, thousands of others will join to see them through to the finish line. Aero will be keeping an updated blog with footage and progress via Chief as well as the links below on State Farm’s website.  

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