Monday, February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl, The Olympics and more Shaun "Animal" White!

Welcome to Super Sports week!

It began with another amazing Super Bowl. I remember how much the games used to BLOW and then lo and behold, they started getting really, REALLY good. We’ve been spoiled and I’m okay with that! Onside kicks, very few penalties or turnovers (mmmmm, pastries…) dramatic late game interception, underdogs winning… Truly awesome game. But it used to be that the commercials were better than the game… but they are just not what they used to be. Do I sound like an old fuddy-duddy? (Don’t answer that…)

Simply put, the IDEAS of the spots weren’t there. The Super Bowl used to be about great comedic spots with an element of surprise that made you drop your whole hand into the chip dip, or something so visibly arresting that you’d look up from your chicken wings for 30 whole seconds. (Few things can tear me away from wings.) We got some of that classic comedy from Punxsutawney Polamalu, David Letterman's promo and Betty White for Snickers. (OH how I love my Golden Girl...) And visually, the Google spot, “Parisian Love,” was very simple and executed really well—extra kudos to the copywriter. That’s some of the best writing I’ve ever seen!

But, I have a beef with you, CBS (other than the fact that Two and a Half Men is still on the air): the placement of some of the ads struck me funny and not a good funny. The spot with people in their underoos, right next to the Dockers spot of men in their knickers?? Betty White gets tackled, and then Tim Tebow tackles his mom? Mini-Kiss and then Mini-Polamalu? A little weird, no? Advertisers pay 13 kidneys (13!!!) to run these spots, and you plunk them all together without any care for ebb and flow? Perhaps I’m asking a lot… but C’MON. If you paid me MILLIONS, I’d watch them and say, “Gosh, perhaps I’ll split up these two spots…” Frankly, you could pay me hundreds or thousands and I’d do that. I’m that nice. (Throw in a few wings and pastries, and I’d even make you an Excel spreadsheet of how I organized everything!). Networks are complaining about decreased revenue, why don’t you do your advertisers a solid and look out for their own interests a bit, too?

Okay, phew! That’s out of my system! Onward and upward to the countdown to the 2010 Winter Olympics!!! Time to roll out the 2nd block of HP webisodes featuring Shaun “Animal” White from Aero director Jason Farrand!  If you haven’t sent the first set, fear not! Click here and you can catch up on the first block. 

Keep coming back all week to see the whole set!

1 comment:

  1. What, no mention of The Who at halftime?

    It's true. The game was better than the spots. Has been that way for a few years. It looked to me that collectively every advertiser didn't think this year's Super Bowl was the time or the place to go wild.

    The spot that stood out for me was the NFL spot thanking their fans. Is this in advance of next year's strike?

    I also find it funny that every year Budweiser does tons of SB ads. Then why during the season is Coors the official beer of the NFL?

    And yes, you do sound like you're getting old.



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