Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy week!

Happy Friday, everyone! Busy week… I’ve been to Hotlanta, which I guess is just “Atlanta” at the moment, but it’s still a sassy town with a batshit-goofy airport. (No offense.) Lots of trams and monorails, y’all. Good people though! Klaus wrapped a Nissan job and got a note of appreciation from the Los Padre National Forest for his care and respect for the environment while shooting. Even though he does a lot of crazy things, safety and ecological respect are always top priority. He’s now prepping for a new Ram project and more Outback Steakhouse. Ken just finished a project with Kaplan Thaler and is gearing up for more GMC work. Gary is working on TD Ameritrade with his now old and dear friend Sam Waterson. You do 20+ spots with a man and you grow close. We’re waiting for the Law and Order: Gary McKendry Unit to come out. I mean, there are 12,000 versions of L&O now, what’s one more? Sam O’Hare is working away on a short film that should be done soon and bidding on a few new jobs as well. Jason is appreciative of all the kudos he’s gotten for the Shaun White webisodes… If you haven’t seen the first installment, check it out here

It's a good way to start the weekend with a laugh and as the East Coast is suppose to get another snow storm, perhaps this will inspire you to build a half-pipe in the backyard. (Aero Film doesn’t endorse the building of a half-pipe and takes no responsibility for your bodily harm or your wife yelling, “Why is there’s a bloody half-pipe in the back yard but yet you don’t have time to fix he banister?!”) 

Check in next week for more from Shaun White and the Aero countdown to the Olympics!!

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