Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This week we’re dipping into the Aero Film inbox and answering pressing questions from Aero fans…

Dear Aero Film,

Big fan, first time writer.  I have heard a rumor about something called a “Klaus Cam” over there at Aero. What’s it do? Can I get one?

#1 Aero Fan

Dear #1 Aero Fan,

First off, kudos to you for being a fan!  You must be very smart.  VERY SMART.

I'm so glad you asked about the Klaus Cam. In brief summary, the Klaus Cam is a revolutionary gyro-stabilized camera head that hangs below a helicopter on a cable. Aero Film Director/Cinematographer, Klaus Obeymeyer came up with the idea and his grip, Scott Howell from Cinemoves, Inc. made it happen.  

“Why did they invent it?” you ask.  (Great question! You continue to be very smart!)  Klaus is one to push the limits of everything he does and makes his producers and crew be on their toes every second of the day. Klaus was shooting overheads of glaciers and icebergs in Greenland (as you do) and he wanted to have the camera soar between the ice formations and really get in the thick of it—not just superficial overheads that had been done before. Sounds easy enough, why not? Well, the channels are incredibly narrow and helicopters aren’t that nimble… and there are a million safety issues in play. So, da da da daaaaaa! KLAUS CAM! The camera has an unobstructed 360 degree view with tilt, pan and roll, virtually creating an aircraft below an aircraft. You can get into places a helicopter or Ultimate Arm never could. You can capture incredibly close detail shots and then pull out to an extreme wide angle.

Also, you can fly it through fire and explosions without your helicopter pilot needing special under-garments and multiple life-insurance policies. Currently, there is only one in existence so you can’t buy one at B&H quite yet. You’d probably want Klaus’s team to come along with it, though, and they get cranky when you try to ship them in a blister pack.

If you’re shaking your head thinking this sounds unbelievable, I’ll put our video where our mouth is! Or typer is… whatever.  For a much better description and examples of what the Klaus Cam can do, click HERE to see the video showcasing its talents!  It's simply amazing. 

Keep those letters coming! Or emails, tweets, smoke signals, or semaphore.

Till next week,



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